Guide to a Northwest Designer

No, that other mythical beast ...

Unicorns are so passé. I prefer to be associated with the sasquatch - often found in the woods, a little hairy, yet still magical. I'm as passionate about creating great products as I am about the outdoors, and I’ve been recognized for being an innovative leader, a decisive product owner, a confident manager, a helpful mentor, and a thoughtful team player.

Meet Creative Leader and Product Designer Jason Santos ...

It's all about the journey

Whether I’m out on the trails or creating in the office, exploring my passions always ends up with a story or two to share with others.

[Photo: Hiking along the Kendall Katwalk ]

Downright adventurous

I enjoy pushing my limits and taking calculated risks based on my skills and experience in order to reach my goals. The results range from finding an epic hidden line on a powder-filled slope to finding new and innovative solutions to creative challenges.

[Photo: Near the summit of Mt. Bachelor]

Totally sure-footed

Like a mountain goat, I’m very confident in my footing and am able to hop around uneven terrain with ease. This confidence also reflects in the work I do and allows me to incorporate feedback with a smile.

[Photo: Totes ma goat in the Enchantments]

Practicing optimism

The world is an ever-changing and exciting place, and I find keeping an open mind can lead to some really great experiences and ideas.

[Photo: Hoping for snow in the Mt. Baker parking lot]

It's in my nature

Knowledge, Gear, Scars, Stories.

Pursuing the addition of each of these is part of my core being. Sharing what I’ve learned and collected helps me delight and inspire others.

[Photo: Powder day selfie at Crystal Mountain]

Let's hit the trail together!

I'm always looking for partners for exciting projects and epic adventures. Let's connect!