Jason Santos | Art Director
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Branding update

Project Details

Scope: Branding, Logo

Role: Art Director, Designer — Brand Team

Client: Big Fish Games

The Situation:

Big Fish Games was already a leader in the casual games industry and was looking to expand their offering. Along with this expansion, the Big Fish Games brand needed to be updated to allow for new products and services.

The Strategy:

As Senior Art Director of Creative Services, I worked with key stakeholders to determine our course of action. A few of the key pillars in the Big Fish Games brand was their huge library of casual computer games, excellent customer service, and releasing a new game everyday. Their visual branding had extensive recognition with the globe based logo as well as Felix the Fish, their mascot. The next evolution would have to reinforce this foundation while tying together the entire brand family.

The Solution:

Dropping the "Games" from the company name and logo still retained brand recognition in audiences and allowed us to keep a cohesive brand experience with new products such as Big Fish Casino and the Big Fish Unlimited service. I evolved the Big Fish logo to fall in line with the changing face of the business helping bring the brand to what it is today. As part of the project I developed branding guidelines to ensure consistant voice, color palette, and logo usage. In addition to external branding, I was responsible for creating all internal design assets, from department signage, to wall murals, to managing the beloved mascot, Felix the Fish.

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