Jason Santos | Art Director
Coolr Logo

A fresh identity

Project Details

Scope: Branding, Logo

Role: Art Director, Designer

Client: Coolr

The Situation:

One of the great things about building a startup is helping develop all facets of the company. Coolr needed a brand and identity to help capture the market share in the employee engagement industry.

The Strategy:

Coolr was developing an enterprise app focusing on facilitating meaningful communications between leaders and teams. The brand needed to be friendly, professional, and engaging. It also needed to be agile and flexible as the company evolved.

The Solution:

Distilled to its core, Coolr was the digital and modern update to the classic era where coworkers would connect around the watercooler and have friendly conversations and discuss current projects. Building on the idea of the water cooler and conversation, the logo reflected elements of both with the layered waves and the speech-bubble framing. The 5 layered waves also represented the 5 core values of the Coolr brand. The bold lines of the logo and font communicate stability and professionalism while the bright colors and conversational tone in the brand voice convey friendliness and trust.

Coolr Logo Coolr Values

Jason Santos

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