Jason Santos | Art Director
Big Fish Instant Games

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Project Details

Scope: Digital, Campaign

Role: Art Director, Designer, Copywriter

Client: Big Fish Games

The Situation:

Big Fish Games was launching a new game service allowing customers to play a huge library of games via a single app. Branded as Big Fish Instant Games, this subscription service was an exciting new way for customers to engage with their favorite games "instantly."

The Strategy:

From previous campaigns, we had a baseline of what resonated with our core audience — high quality imagery and emotionally charged messaging. By leveraging this data and combining it with a cross-channel execution, we could effectively communicate our message about the service.

The Solution:

Each ad in the "Instant _____" campaign featured imagery from the top-rated games in the extensive library combined with specific trigger words conveying an emotional connection with the service. The campaign was successfully executed on digital ad channels, app interstitials, cross-promotion with other franchise games, social media, email blasts, as well as direct mail.

Big Fish Instant Games Big Fish Instant Games Big Fish Instant Games

Jason Santos

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