Project Details

Scope: Digital, Content Marketing

Role: Art Director, Designer, Copywriter

Client: Big Fish Games

The Situation:

April Fool's Day is a perfect time for companies to gain free advertising via content marketing gags.

The Strategy:

Mobile gaming was a hot market and many competitors were trying to capitalize by creating new and proprietary custom gaming platforms. We chose to have a bit of fun with this and created our own platform.

The Solution:

Meet the PlayWrite — the revolutionary gaming tablet that never existed. The result of a promotional brainstorming session, the PlayWrite was conceived as an April Fool's prank. Promoted through blog posts, a landing page, and a silly Help Article, the PlayWrite garnered press coverage, increased brand awareness and was viewed as a resounding success.

The Playwrite

The PlayWrite

Jason Santos

Art Director | Designer | Illustrator | All-around Keen Guy